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I was texting another mom while Clarke was trying to sleep in my lap. We had a rough night with not one, but two molars deciding to make an appearance yesterday. My hair desperately needed to be washed and I still had part of Clarke's breakfast on my clothes. I was trying to drink my cold coffee (which I had already reheated 3 times this morning) when a text came through that literally made me spit out my coffee and wake Clarke back up. "I don't know how you do it. You're definitely #MomGoals."

Ummmmm. What?


It's funny how we can make our lives look so perfect to the outside world. No one would ever know that I let Clarke eat black beans, hot dogs, and green peas religiously for each meal. Sure, he'll eat whatever I put in front of him but he only learned that from eating off of my plate at restaurants which we eat at like every other meal. Oh, I also let him eat as many fruit cups as his little heart desires as long as I don't have to cut each grape into ridiculously small pieces so he won't choke.

I practically put Clarke in the same 4-5 outfits and I don't force him to wear shoes because that's just not a battle that I am going to fight today...or most days. I also don't make him wear socks. Rest in peace to all those that have been lost on various store floors when I was too busy reading the back of fruit cups to make sure that no sugar was added...or if they do add sugar, the pieces are small enough that I won't have to cut them.

You know what's real #MomGoals? Seeing a happy mother.

There was once a time where Clarke was only allowed to eat organic and only play with wooden toys. God forbid that the tv be on for more than an hour a day or that we lose one matching sock and have to change his entire outfit. If anything other than breast milk was in his bottle, I would literally go into a panic attack. You know what though? There is already so much stress that comes with this mom job, why try to live up to these stupid goals or expectations that we put on ourselves?

Tonight is Halloween and of course I am going to post some cheesy picture of Clarke on Instagram. The truth is, I didn't buy him a costume nor am I taking him Trick-or-Treating...I am not even going to pass out candy. We're going to carve a pumpkin and be in bed before 8pm because that is true #MomGoals.


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Anti-Doctor America