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Changing the Way I Parent.

Changing the Way I Parent.

As I’m writing this, Clarke is demolishing a homemade blueberry muffin. He didn’t need me to take off the paper liner. He didn’t need me to break it up into itty bitty pieces. He’s a very independent, I-do-it-myself toddler. And because of who he is, I’m changing the way I parent. 


Clarke loves to discover the world using his own two hands and that can be frustrating. I want to walk the dog and head back inside to get out of the cold. While Clarke wants to find the biggest stick in the whole state park. I want to get through the grocery store to go home to make dinner. Clarke wants to find out why each label on every item feels different. You can start to see where our schedules don’t align. 

Well, late last night, as I was reading another mommy blog, it hit me. Instead of trying to force my son to be part of my world, why can’t I be part of his?  Today is day one. I started by 

Changing the way I think. 

Clarke was done with breakfast. How could I tell? He started throwing his food on the floor for the dog. Sharing is caring, right? Instead of getting flustered at another mess I’m going to have to clean, I looked at it through Clarke’s world.  

Every time the dog would eat a piece of food Clarke would laugh. He wanted to play, so I made cleaning up a game. 

I pulled the trash can out and was making 3 pointers from the couch. It took a few minutes but Clarke joined in. Before either of us knew it, the mess was cleaned and we were playing in his room.  


This is going to take some adjusting, but I’d do anything for my kid.  

Warmest Wishes, A. 

We need guns.

We need guns.

A Bloody Christmas Eve.

A Bloody Christmas Eve.