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Fall Back - A Parent's Worst Nightmare

Fall Back - A Parent's Worst Nightmare

I am actually a fan of the time change.

Now, don’t get me wrong. It sucks that we lose an hour of sleep in the Spring, but lets face it, I’m a parent. I have a screwed up sleep schedule as it is. If I do end up getting a good night’s sleep, it just means that Clarke is either coming out of a growth spurt or going back into one.


Anyone who has been around Clarke, knows that I keep him on a strict schedule. How strict? The clock strikes seven and Clarke starts throwing the worst fits if he his little butt is not naked in the tub. He lives and breathes his schedule. Which I am so thankful for with Jake being gone.

One would think that the time change would throw a wrench into our strictly planned out lives. Well on the contrary. Tonight, Clarke was in bed and asleep by seven. He did not fight me for one more wheels on the bus. Or to run back to the living room because he forgot to put his car away. Nope. He was passed out in my arms before I could even finish reading his bedtime story. Which means he will be up bright and early tomorrow. Heck, we may even beat the Preschool drop off rush.


Falling back gives us this extra boost in our routine. Fall and Winter are always a bit tough for me. I never feel like I have enough sleep or enough time to do things. Well, for the rest of the season, I will feel like I am an hour ahead of schedule. That is the key here. You have to stick to thinking that you borrowed that hour. Then when Spring comes, you are just giving it back. There is nothing to be lost.

Isn’t crazy how changing the way you think about one little hour can have a huge impact on six months out of the year? Definitely something to keep in mind as we approach the holidays!

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