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We need guns.

We need guns.

That’s correct. We have a need for more guns.  


If you’re thinking that I’m crazy, just hear me out. I have been held a gun point. I know the fear that overcomes a person when they’re at the wrong end of a firearm. Playing that situation over and over again in my head, there are so many things I wish I would have done differently.

Criminals don’t follow the law. That’s a simple truth. Those yelling gun control, you’re taking the gun out of my hands. The gun that I wish I could have every time I think about what could have been. You’re taking away my ability to protect myself and my children. To protect your children.

Criminals, they’re always going to have a way to get a weapon. Take away the guns and they’ll start smuggling them in through our boarders. Make guns extinct and they’ll start coming at us with kitchen knives. What are we supposed to do then? 

Now, I’m not saying that I know all the answers. If I did, we would never hear of a grieving mother ever again. However, I may have a solution to our problem....our veterans. 


Am I a little biased as a military spouse? Probably, but there is a good reason. These guys are TRAINED in combat. And most have a “delay” in transitioning back to the civilian world because their resumes are pretty hard to understand if you’ve don’t understand the rate/rank system.  

If we were to post them in each school, as a transitionary period, it would help out not only the veterans but it would save the lives of our children. And I know so many veterans that would literally jump to be part of this program.

Obviously there is more work that needs to go into this than a simple blog post. Trust me, if I had time to fine tooth comb this for you, this would be a 3 hour presentation with hand outs, a power point, and a dvd to review anything you could have missed. But hey, get me enough shares and I will definitely make that happen. 


On a serious note, us mothers should never be afraid to send their children to fill these seats. It’s time to start protecting our rights. It’s time to start protecting our children. Aren’t we supposed to be making America great again? 

Time of Death: Way Too Soon.

Time of Death: Way Too Soon.

Changing the Way I Parent.

Changing the Way I Parent.