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Baby Jogger City Mini GT Review

Baby Jogger City Mini GT Review

We have been through a lot of strollers. With our 99th percentile, looking-like-a-3-year-old-when-he’s-only-1, don’t-know-where-the-height-comes-from-becaus-it-obviously-skipped-us of a son...We go through strollers like eight times faster than the normal family. 

Heres what we look for: 

• Large height/weight capacity. 

• Compact folding.  

• Easy cleaning/durability. 

So how does the Baby Jogger City Mini GT stand up to the test? 


This is the picture taken directly off the Baby Jogger website. What drew us to this specific stroller? A max weight capacity of 65 while still folding super small. Space is limiting in our little house on wheels so the smaller the better!



• Easy setup. Out of the box, the stroller is almost ready to go. All that’s required is to snap on the wheels and the canopy. 

• Hand brake. No more chipped nails! Since we both wear flip flops even when snow is present, the nails take a beating. This is definitely a mom’s best friend.

• Massive seat. Clarke’s poor feet hang off the end of almost everything. Not in the City Mini GT! With a weight capacity of up to 65 pounds, the seat is designed for even the taller kids.

• Tiny folding. This stroller rings in at under 22 pounds and with the one handed pull, folding is a breeze. Currently, we have it tucked away in Clarke’s bedroom and it’s taking up half the space of another stroller. 


• This is NOT a jogging stroller. Even with jogging in the name, it’s not designed to take running down the street. With tiny wheels and a bouncy ride just walking down the street, it’s definitely made for a mall walker or soccer mom with a little one in tow.  

• Handle bar sucks. We took it for a stroll and within the first five minutes, I was already coming up with a design for a handle bar cover.  

• Not designed for the pre-crawlers. There are many car seat adapters you can buy to make this stroller more baby friendly but unless your child can sit unassisted, you can’t just pop them in this stroller and go.  

• Tiny storage basket. It’s great because it’s not in the way while you’re walking but if you want to put anything more than a diaper bag in it, you’re out of luck! 


The Verdict. 

This little camper will it around for awhile. Since we only use our stroller in high traffic areas (like the mall and the zoo) this stroller will work out just fine. You can get yours here.

If it doesn’t check everything on your list, here are the strollers we recommend:

  • Favorite infant system: Chicco Bravo Trio System. Check it out here.
  • Favorite travel stroller: Kolcraft Cloud Umbrella Stroller. Check it out here.
  • Favorite jogging stroller: Baby Trend Falcon Jogger. Check it out here.

Happy Strolling!  

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