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5 Tips to Save Your Sanity when Remodeling Your RV

5 Tips to Save Your Sanity when Remodeling Your RV

Hi ho! Hi ho! Its off to work we go.

No seriously.

All we do is work, work, work, no matter what.

When are we not doing some sort of a project? Right now, we're finally tackling the RV. You think it would be a lot easier since there is only 400 square feet to deal with. WRONG...I was so entirely wrong. So save yourself some trouble and go by these easy tips. 

5 Tips to save your sanity when remodeling your RV

ONE: Start small. We decided to start with our smaller half bath that's attached to our bunk room. Why start there? The truth is, you're going to mess up. Its best to mess up in a space where it's not as noticeable. No one will ever be in there long enough to realize that I had to scrape paint off our screen door. 

TWO: If you paint, replace your floor. I know, no one wants to do more work than you have to. However, this will save you a lot of headaches. You're going to get plaint on the floor. Or if you're painting with a toddler like I am, he's going to paint the floor for you. It saves you from having to tape and it updates the look of your whole RV. (They make peel and stick style "hardwood" floors for those of us looking for an easy and cheap alternative.)

THREE: Declutter. You don't realize how much crap that you've piled into cabinet until it's all pulled outed and thrown into another room. I seriously found a whole pack for newborn diapers...Clarke never even fit into newborns! We currently have donated 4 large trash bags of stuff and we haven't even gone through half of our unit! 400 square feet can hold a lot more than people realize. 

FOUR: Do it again. No matter how many coats of paint you put up or how good you wipe off the counter, it will never hurt to do it one more time. The wall paper on the walls soaks up ALL of the paint (yes, we painted over the wall paper). We can't wait to show you the after because this tip worked wonders.

FIVE: Splurge. You may want to save a little bit of green when you're in the middle of your remodel, but you'll thank yourself later if you splurge. You want the fancier faucet? Buy it. The water blocking paint is more expensive than the traditional? Get it. When your in a smaller space, the little things matter more. (That's why we splurged and got the better primer. Gripper is'll thank me later.) Plus, it'll help with your resell value down the road.

If you want to stay up-to-date with our remodel, make sure to add me on Snap Chat. We won't be releasing a full video for awhile. We have a trip planned and we are going to be enjoying our family time before the Navy moves us again. 




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