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No Means No

Clarke is learning so much so quickly. His mind has literally been exploding. With that being said, do us a favor...

Respect us by respecting him.  


Body ownership has been a hot topic the last couple weeks. Did anyone hear about asking permission to change diapers? Well, we’re not going that extreme.  

Clarke has been very curious on why Mama and Dada are different. Why does Dada have all the chest hair? Why does Mama have this weird pink ring on her belly button? Wait. Why does my belly button stick out but yours doesn’t? With that, it brings a lot of touching and we saw this as a learning opportunity. 

Respecting someone else’s body is a very hard concept to grasp at 18 months. Toddlers learn through touch so they touch everything. Well, we toned it down to lay a foundation that we can build on later. We simply taught him that it is his body so it’s his rules.

Where does this play in? Right now, it’s mainly on hugs and kisses. Nothing is worse than being forced to kiss someone you don’t know or don’t like. Teaching him that it’s his body allows him so say no or deny unwanted touch. 

Now, respect Jake and I by allowing Clarke to enforce this control of his body. If he doesn’t want to kiss you, he’s quick to turn his head. Don’t repeatedly demand one because this Mama will come unglued on you. He said no and no explanation is needed. 

This will set us up for future conversations with him. Instilling a respect of one’s body at an early age allows for a greater understanding of respecting others as well.  

Do you have any parenting tips or tricks? We’d love to here the in the comments! 




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