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We found out the Sex of Baby Stone!

We found out the Sex of Baby Stone!

That’s right! We know what Baby Stone is going to be! With that being said, I have some information I want to share.

A Gender Reveal is NOT a Baby Shower.

I know that gender reveals are the newest trend. There is a lot of speculation over who to invite, are gifts allowed, and what to wear. As I am currently baking my second kid, let me spill the tea on theses very different events.


What is a Gender Reveal?

It’s definitely not a baby shower. A reveal is more laid back. Think of a Baby Shower as the wedding of baby events. You have a lot of things leading up to a wedding. From fittings to wine tastings. A Gender Reveal is more like your bachalorette party…just without the booze. You don’t invite every single guest to your night out on the town. It’s just an event leading up to the main attraction.

Expect some form of a BBQ and a cheesy way to show off either pink or blue. I have see confetti to balloons to burn outs. There are so many ways that people are doing it. My personal favorite to watch is the egg one. They literally crack a dozen eggs on their head. Half colored blue and the other half pink. All of them are hard boiled but one. However, the parents won’t know which it is until they crack them all on their head. Priceless.

Well, then who do you invite?

A Gender Reveal is simply that. To reveal the gender of your baby. The whole world honestly doesn’t care if your precious bundle of joy stands up or sits down to pee. So when you’re addressing those invites, its best to keep the guest list to those that will care. Rule of thumb: if they aren’t going to be changing your kid’s diaper, they don’t need to know. Seriously. Grandparents of the baby are a definite yes. The God Parents are a duh. Then fill in with the future Aunts, Uncles, and cousins as you see fit.

This is the area where most people get backlash from. At our party “Come for the BBQ, Stay for the Sex,” we strictly invited only 20 people. And holy hell did we get so much shit because of that. Why did we only invited 20? Honestly, that’s all we could afford. The new parents are the ones flipping the bill for this party and kids are expensive enough. Inviting the people we did was a nice way that we could thank them for future diaper duty services.

So I made the cut. Do I bring a gift?

Well, did you read your invite? Now, since this is not a Baby Shower (the party later on where you shower the new parents in gifts) there is a lot of grey area in the gift giving department. We didn’t ask for gifts nor did we accept gifts at our gender reveal. You definitely have to respect the parents’ wishes on this one. We don’t have the room for new baby stuff right now. Clarke and I are living with my in-laws due to deployment and poor Pops probably wants all our crap out of the garage as it is.

If you really want to get the new parents something and they said no gifts, hold onto your invite. After the Gender Reveal, read the return address. Now you know where to said your thank you card for their awesome party…you could even slip a gift card in there for some diapers if you’re feeling generous.

Why have a Gender Reveal?

…Because they’re fun…? Originally Jake and I weren’t going to find out the sex of our baby. We were going to anxiously wait until the doctor would hold up Baby Stone like Simba from the Lion King. Showing off the goods the entire room. Then the Navy took that card out of our hands.

Since there is a high chance that Jake will still be on a boat when Baby Stone makes his/her appearance, we wanted a way that we could find out together. Finding out looking at a screen in a doctor’s office didn’t seem right. We wanted to share that moment with the people closest to us. There’s a ton of reasons for why, so if it feels right then do it.



Not going to be announced until a later date. The first rule about new babies is that you have to respect their parents. Though you may be excited to find out about who this new person is going to be, it’s not your call. It’s not job to share things on social media. It’s not your job to run your mouth about who they did or did not invite. Your only job is to be happy for them.

So guys, he or she?

What do you think Baby Stone is going to be?

Photography Credit: Sarah Diehl Photography. If you would like to contact her or see more of her work, please click the link here.

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