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Hear This Well

Hear This Well

Before I get another comment on Clarke's behavior,


Clarke and Jake are best dudes. Jake was the one who was in charge of the night time routine. Jake was the one who took Clarke every weekend so I could work. Jake was the one who would meet me on campus to take Clarke so that I wouldn't be late to class. Jake was the one that would call Clarke every night to sing him to sleep whenever they were apart.

They played ball. They snuggled on the couch. They sat crossed legged on the floor watching movies together. They read together. Am I painting this picture clear enough for you?? They have an amazing father-son bond that started the second Jake found out I was pregnant.

Now, before I get another comment on Clarke's behavior as of recently,


Clarke goes weeks without talking to his Dad. Clarke understands that Jake is on a boat because that is where he works. What he does not understand is why. Why do other boys get to come to class with their Dads? Why does my cousin get to have family days with his Dad? Why me?

Clarke has handled so much change in his little life with so much grace. He has definitely handled the last six months more gracefully than I have. With the literal world on his shoulders, cut him a break. He is only two. He is allowed to have meltdowns. He is allowed to feel overwhelmed. He is allowed to not understand. Stop trying to make him into something he is not.


From this point forward. Clarke is excused from your bashing. He is excused from your expectations of him. He is excused from even society’s standards. My fierce powerhouse of a son is allowed to just be. If that is what is going to get us through the day, so be it. He is two. You, person of adulthood reading this post, need to figure out your shit before you go judging my son.


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