Frequently Asked Questions

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Why do all handmade products require an extra 2 weeks before shipping?

All products labeled handmade are truly handmade. Unless labeled "inspired work," these products are not made until your order is placed. Two weeks allows time to make sure the correct fabric is in stock and make it according to the plan that you and I put together.

Can I put a rush on a handmade product?

You certainly can! For a small fee, I can jump you to the top of the priority list. Please make sure that you contact me prior to placing your order to guarantee this is an option on the product you are ordering.

How do you choose the products that are in your store?

Each brand goes through a thorough testing process. I order the products, let Clarke try to destroy them the best that he can, and we go from there. If I don't absolutely love something, it gets sent to the trash and we move on to the next brand.

I have something different in mind for my Susie Quilt. Can I customize my order?

Of course you can! Head over to our Contact Page and let us know what you are thinking! I will give you a quote on exactly what you are looking for. Don’t worry, I include you on every step of the way. I look forward to making something beautiful for you.