Hi. I’m Ashley Stone.

If you haven’t noticed, my kids are my world. You see, they weren’t supposed to be possible. I was diagnosed as a complex case and black listed as never going to be able to bare children of my own. However, there is no chance too small for God. These are my .03% chance I will ever have children of my own.

Now, just because they are miracles, does not make me the perfect mom. I cuss, I drink wine, and I am figuring this out as I go. I have the most supportive husband on this adventure, but he is out at sea most of the time. We all miss him each and every day. Nothing will every prepare you for being a “single” married mother, so I’m just winging it.


Now, we live our lives a little differently. I hope that you will follow along on our adventure because I can promise that you will be in for a wild ride.